The currency on TriniFreelance is in U.S. This is to facilitate Paypal payment system which is our default payment processory system for ensuring safe and secure transactions.

How to Create a Project

If you’d like to request a particular type of freelance work, you can indicate your preferences by creating a project, and then freelancers can submit their bids for your project. *Buyer Profiles only Log into your TriniFreelance Account and Switch…

Show Skills

To *showcase your Skills on your Profile follow these steps: Log in > Dashboard > Profile+ Add New SkillUpdate Profile *This applies to Seller Profiles only

Hourly Rate

To set your *Hourly Rate follow these steps Log in > Dashboard > ProfileSet your Hourly RateUpdate Profile *This applies to Seller Profiles only

Seller Type

To select your ‘*Seller Type’ follow these steps. Log in > Dashboard > ProfileSelect Seller TypeUpdate Profile *Seller Profiles only

Creating a Gig

The service you provide and market is referred to as a “Gig.” Your Gig serves as a chance to display your skills and talents to potential clients while offering them comprehensive information to help them make an informed decision before…